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Top » Catalog » Music CDs And DVDs » GI1290 » Against All Odds - Israel Survives - 6 DVD Set
The purpose of this project in exploring miracles Given the circumstances surrounding Israel's birth as a nation, and the odds against its survival, Israel should not exist as a nation today. Yet it not only exists, but seems to thrive in spite of its adversaries and in the face of circumstances that defy logic and reason. Why? How? This unique and dramatic motion picture and television experience with Israel goes beneath the facts of Israel's survival to explore the reasons Israelis themselves believe they have survived against all the odds against them. Not all attribute their military victories to divine assistance, but everyone agrees that the odds for Israel's survival through the turbulent twentieth century have defied all reasonable logic. As Rabbi Lau - Israeli's Chief Rabbi says - "It's a combination of G-d's blessings to the Jewish People and the grace of a Miracle that we more than survive we flourish". Or as Israel's first Prime Minister Ben Gurion said, "If you don't believe in Miracles, it is not practical to exist in Israel".

Journalist Michael Greenspan confronts military leaders, battle commanders, strategists, and common soldiers on the field who provide their viewpoints of remarkable stories of heroism and bravery...some that defy human understanding. Why, for instance, did an unstoppable armada of Syrian tanks bound for Tel Aviv at the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973, suddenly stop just north of Tiberius and simply wait for the Israeli army to arrive so they could surrender without a fight? When an Israeli tank commander found himself and his men in the middle of a mine field, how was the prayer of one of his men suddenly followed by an unprecedented wind that blew away nearly a foot of topsoil and then just as suddenly stop, revealing the hiding places of thousands of mines so the soldiers could escape unharmed? Why, during the war for independence, did a battalion of Jordanian soldiers approaching the position of a handful of Israeli soldiers defending Mt. Zion without ammunition, suddenly shout "Abraham" and turn and flee? How could three dozen teenagers, survivors of the Holocaust, walk right past a company of Egyptian soldiers in the Negev without being seen? The fact that these and scores of other unexplainable occurrences fill the pages of every war in Israel is documented. The stories behind them have never been explored, till this motion picture story.

The national miracle of Israel If there ARE miracles, Israel itself has to be one. Born out of the ashes of the Holocaust, it was just one day old when it was attacked by twelve armies that the world fully expected would annihilate it. Israel didnít even have an army. There was one tank and five cannon with which to fight back an Armada against them. And yet, Israel won. How?

Every time Israel has been attacked, Pentagon and Kremlin leaders have declared defeat as inevitable. In 1973, the odds of surviving were so impossible, prime minister Golda Meir considered suicide. The cabinet drew up plans for a government in exile. Complete annihilation was a certainty. At the last minute, American aid provided by a president known to be devoutly anti-Semitic provided the largest airlift of arms since World War II to save Israel. Why? When Saddam Hussein literally rained down scores of scud missles on Israelís cities during the Gulf War, not one person was killed. How do you explain that? The military experts at West Point wonít study Israelís wars because their outcomes are too impossible.

But the anomilies donít stop on the battlefield...How did Hebrew become the only dead language in history to be revived after 2,000 years? Why would millions of people from around the world leave their homes and move to a desert wasteland to build new lives for themselves? How did these people manage to turn a land more than 80% desert into one of the largest food and flower exporters in the world?
Why have incredible achievements in science, medicine, and new technologies happened here in greater concentration than anywhere else? There are no logical answers. Some say these things can only be explained as miracles.


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